Fall Session

Dear Families,

Re:  Discounts for Fall 2024

All eligible discounts will apply between DZ Arts Development and ABC Fit Kids and Sports.


To determine your eligible discount, add the total number of DZ Arts classes plus the total number of ABC Fit Kids classes you will be registering for your child. Use this combined total to determine the coupon code to apply at checkout. Total class calculations are per child.

**Note: Karate and Chess are not part of DZ Arts or ABC Fit Kids and Sports and therefore do not count towards the total number of classes**

3 classes total: 10% off coupon code is 3CL10

4 classes total: 12% off coupon code is 4CL12

5 classes total: 15% off coupon code is 5CL15

Only one discount will be applied per child per semester. Coupon codes are based on the honor system and adjustments will be made accordingly if inaccuracies are found.

In order to receive a refund for the sibling discount of $ 50.00 off the second sibling’s registration total (this discount applies to one class per semester and is only applied to one organization), please fill out the Sibling Discount Form here.

Registration Fee*:   $ 20.00

Cancellation Fee:  $ 55.00

Transfer Fee:         $ 25.00

*If you have been charged for two registration fees when registering one child, please click here to request a refund.

Please make sure that for any and all purposes the email you are using for registration and any additional emails are typed correctly as it is an essential means of communication. Additionally, please make sure phone numbers are typed correctly for an alternate means of communication. Any changes to your email must be changed in your Jumbula account for safety. In the event of an evacuation, we will notify all families via the email on file at registration.