Core Class

Agility, Training, Balanced Flexibility, and Core Strengthening! Learn to jump through hoops… literally while designing and weaving through obstacles to achieve your personal best time.


This class teaches hand-eye coordination, foot work, ball handling, defense and shooting. This class includes full body conditioning, stretching, and good sportsmanship. Skills and drills are at the heart of each practice.


Baseball is a game of timing and working together as a team. Little Sluggers will focus on individual goals to self-improve, strive for good sportsmanship while becoming stronger and faster. On the field we learn all elements necessary to be strong members of the team.

Flag Football

Huddle up! Athletes will learn catching, throwing, flag pulling as well as offensive and defensive fundamentals. Students will learn basic footwork and ball handling, the fundamentals of football skill with minimal contact. This class is about fair play and core values.


This is a race against the clock. All styles count freestyle, back stroke, and butterfly. Find your best time.


We focus on passing, setting, hitting and serving. This co-ed program is designed for the beginner to intermediate player .. Our volleyball staff will assist each athlete in developing the fundamental skills of the game through game-based drills and daily scrimmages aimed at developing the whole player.


Exercise and gain social interaction. The focus is on stroke production, footwork, athletic skill development, rallying and point play. Players will rotate between courts every 20-25 minutes.


Kickers will focus on individual goals to self-improve, sportsmanship while becoming stronger and faster. Skills and drills of the game are at the heart of each practice.

Track and Field

Learn technique and skill in all major events, including sprints, mid-distance, long distance, jumps, hurdles. We start with the basics of distance running.

New! Fencing

Learn the basics of fencing, including footwork, bladework, tactics and strategy. You will also develop your physical fitness and mental toughness, as fencing requires quick reflexes, precise movements and strategic thinking. All skills are practiced using safe and age-appropriate foils leading up to each fencing bout.