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ABC Fit Kids Soccer

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ABC Fit Kids Basketball

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ABC Fit Kids Baseball

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ABC Fit Kids and SportsTM – Kickers, Dribblers and Sluggers, is an independent Sports company designed to foster good sportsmanship and teamwork. Sports goals are promoting a fun, safe, inclusive, and healthy sports environment. Children will develop team and leadership skills, become better players, try out newly learned skills while learning to trust their instincts and timing. We believe in leadership driven by fair play. ABC Fit Kids and SportsTM has a commitment to the education of coaches and all coaches are CPR Trained.

ABC Fit Kids and Sports Inc., is a New York citywide organization offering dedicated sports classes in a wide variety of sports at schools throughout NYC in several languages.

Introducing our newest sport - Fencing, taught by a Division 1 expert fencer! Learn the ins and outs of fencing, such as footwork, bladework, tactics and strategy while having fun! Register now!